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Bert is a very effective coach. He has supported me in a difficult phase in my life and as a result I feel in a much better place. Without exception, our conversations led me to alternative and helpful perspectives on the situation. My many questions always found a well-articulated reply. His breadth of knowledge and interest in mental processes provided me a framework I can build on. In tandem with basic meditation techniques, this has given me a sustainable basis for emotional resilience. He also happens to be a very pleasant interlocutor and listener. I would not hesitate to recommend him.
— Ir. G.C.J. Holstege, Exploration Manager Brunei Shell Petroleum

Often we feel harassed, as if we have no time. We're stressed, feel misunderstood, or perhaps we even have the sense that life might have lost its meaning. In Sky-Heart Coaching we investigate and explore where we block ourselves and each other, and how we can create more space. By relaxing and settling deeply into the ground our being, we can come to view the world from a different perspective. We look at our attitudes, habits, intentions, the way we interpret and label things and events, and we focus on the quality and style of our narrative, both with ourselves and with others.

The Sky-Heart Coach acts during the sessions as a mirror of non-judgemental awareness through which the client can come to recognise how everything is workable and how to find balance in interdependence.
The Coaching Process is directed towards helping the clients recognise this mirror of non-judgemental awareness in themselves as the inner sky of their own being and the ground for insight that has the potential for change.
The Task of the Sky-Heart Coach consists solely of helping the client to become his own coach.

Individual Coaching Sessions
Individual coaching sessions are possible. This can consist of giving individual support to someone who is going through the Sky-Heart program in workshops or courses, but it can also stand on its own. The coaching sessions can also happen through Skype.

Individual coaching

Relationship Coaching
Just as we can be our greatest friend and the greatest enemy toward ourselves, so can our partner be the greatest help and the biggest obstacle to us fulfilling our potential. The relationship with a partner is therefore extremely potent and can be very fruitful on our path to freedom and greater awareness. 

In Sky-Heart Relationship Coaching we look at how the elements of the Sky-Heart Awareness Wheel function in the relationship. We look at our intentions and how they might have changed, our attitudes and whether they match, our action and reaction habits, and they way we care and give attention to each other. Of course our thoughts and emotions, verbal and nonverbal communication do play a key role in clarifying, disentangling and opening of the necessary space for the natural flowing of mutual understanding and love.

Relationship coaching

Group Coaching
The dynamics of a group can crush or stimulate the potential of an individual. In some cases it can even do both at the same time. This makes a situation less clear cut and more complex. Negative dynamics can impede creativity and productivity, especially in the workplace. In Sky-Heart Group Coaching we look at the individual intentions, attitudes and actions and see how they relate with each other and with the intentions, goals and values of the group itself. We're looking for common ground and shared meaning through which misunderstanding and conflict can be revealed, miscommunication clarified and emotional wounds healed. New agreements can instigate new habits and fresh patterns of behaviour in which everybody has the space to function well and live up to his or her full potential.

Group Coaching

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